Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs - Youth Panel at TiEcon 2012

Session Time: 05/19/2012 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm

Society is constantly telling youth that certain paths will lead to a successful life. The "safe" route of going to a four year college and finding a stable 9 to 5 job is usually that path. However, it is now more important than ever that youth and entrepreneurship become the leading drivers of innovation and job creation in the United States. All big companies in today's modern era start out with small ideas and turn into something bigger. Find out how several successful young entrepreneurs found their motivation to start their businesses and the passion/drive to never give up.  


Tim Draper, Founder & Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson 


Annie Chang, Co- Founder, LOLApps
Vikas GuptaFounder, Jambool
Cameron Cohen, Founder, CCC Development
Gotham Chopra, Co - Founder, 
Liquid Comics