TiEYouth Forum @TiEcon 2012- only few seats left!

TiEcon 2012 Speaker Highlight: Cameron Cohen - Entrepreneur Philanthropist, a Child Prodigy

If there are so many young 11, 12, 13 year old entrepreneurs out there, what's the big deal of yet another one joining the ranks, you might ask. What makes Cameron Cohen, the then 11 year entrepreneur stand out is not so much that he created an iPhone app and it made money on the app-store. It also wasn't that he learnt how to write it and built it when lying immobilized in a hospital bed when recovering from a leg surgery to remove a bone-tumor from his leg. But what makes Cameron Cohen stand out is that of the $50,000 the app made, he decided to donate $20,000 to the Chase Child Life Program at the Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, where he had his bone tumor surgery. A noble gesture indeed by a young pre-teen so that the hospital could purchase MacBooks, iPads, iPods, and video games for teen and preteen patients to use during their stays.

Come get Inspired! Special price of only $20 expires this week.

We will have 2 educational sessions as part of  the TiEYouth Forum.

Badge pickup 1:00PM May 19th with valid student ID. These sessions are being offered at a very special pricing for a limited time and include tickets to the TiECon Innovation Expo as well. 

Session 1: Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Society is constantly telling youth that certain paths will lead to a successful life. The "safe" route of going to a four year college and finding a stable 9 to 5 job is usually that path. However, it is now more important than ever that youth and entrepreneurship become the leading drivers of innovation… . Learn more

Session 2: Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Started

Do you have a great idea for a startup company? How do you make that idea a reality? Hear successful entrepreneurs who have gone through this experience personally discuss the steps they took to make their idea come to life…. Learn more

A few speakers from the TiEYouth Forum

Tim Draper, Founder Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Gotham ChopraCo-Founder, Liquid Comics
Annie Chang, Chief Information Officer, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Cameron Cohen, Founder, CCC Development    
Vinod Khosla, Co-Founder, Sun Microsystems
Sakina Ariswala, Co- Founder, Campfire Labs   

+ many more Speakers in Entrepreneurship, Social, Mobile, Cloud, Energy and Life Sciences.

Take a look at the full agenda for TiEcon 2012.

Reserve your seat today!


TiEYouth Forum and Expo Student pass - $20.00  Valid for:

  • Entry to TiEYouth Forum sessions
  • Entry to TiEcon Innovation Expo

Restricted to High School and Undergad students.  Must present a valid student ID at the conference.   

Connect.Innovate.Prosper at TiEcon 2012

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