Deepak Chopra 
- Break New Grounds in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

'Deepak Chopra? Why is he speaking at TiEcon?' This wasn't the first time I had heard someone say this. I was disappointed and at the same time stumped - as to whether to gawk at the questioner's ignorance, or to marvel at how narrow and limited was the prevalent understanding of entrepreneurship, creativity and leadership. 'Dr. Deepak Chopra, is an adjunct Professor on Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management'. But saying that alone would not do justice to his ground breaking approach to Entrepreneurship, Management & Leadership and his contribution to the world.

Discovering Deepak

Despite growing up in India, I first came across Deepak's work on Spirituality, Science and Quantum Physics, only after I moved to the US. Watching his videos at a Mind, Body Health retreat by Anthony Robbins, on the remote islands of Fiji, I marveled at how Deepak spun magic out of words and held scientific and spiritual audiences alike, completely mesmerized. I saw him thereafter on CNN and I decided I needed to investigate further. On an impulse I called the Chopra Center in Carlsbad and the wonderful salesman who turned out to be someone whose life had been transformed by Anthony Robbins, gave me an incredible deal to a Chopra spiritual retreat.

On Quantum Physics and Creativity

There began my journey into understanding Deepak's mysticism and philosophy. I was fascinated at how he correlated and logically proved to skeptics like me, that spirituality was really no different from quantum physics at its most basic level. An electron, one of the basic building blocks of matter, is either a particle or a wave of energy housed in the Heisenberg principle of Uncertainty.

Thoughts, neurologists say, are brain waves, which again are nothing but neuro-chemical impulses of energy. And we as humans are a combination of 'Energy' of the cellular and mental kinds. Both these energies coexist and can travel through matter or space. Is that what explains why multiple people in different corners of the globe get the same idea at the same time? Is that what explains two unrelated physicists getting the same eureka moment at the same time and hence sharing the Nobel prize?

"Creativity is a process of transforming raw energy, information, and material of the universe into something that has never before existed", says Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD, Physician and now an Entrepreneur, Mystic, Celebrated and Widely read Author. " Creativity requires a quantum leap in awareness or consciousness", he adds. "The more consciousness you have, the more potential you have to create." Creativity and Innovation, have been exacted by Dr. Deepak Chopra, to a Science.

The Soul of Leadership

In his new book "The Soul of Leadership", Deepak offers an entirely new approach to the exciting possibilities of Leadership. " Great leaders have a vision and the ability to manifest it", he says. "A leader emerges from within himself. He matches his inner perception with outer situation and finds a way to turn his vision into reality". In this book, he combines spiritual wisdom with modern dynamic psychology and fills you with ideas you can put into action to bring out excellence at every level.

He talks about 7 primary roles of a leader - a Protector, Achiever, Team Builder, Nurturer, Transformer and finally a Sage and a Seer whose role is pure light or enlightenment.

"Deepak Chopra opens the door for today's leaders to access the secrets of success without giving up who we are", says Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of "Deepak Chopra really gets it - true leadership is not about popularity, power or profits; but about getting your ego out of the way so that you can serve the greater good", says Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Lead with LUV.

Deepak -  the Entrepreneur

Dr. Deepak Chopra got thrown into entrepreneurship when he diverted from his allopathic practice to become an Ayurvedic mind, body, spirit health practitioner and teacher and founded the Chopra Institute. In his quest for holistic universal planetary health, that includes even business, entrepreneurial and leadership health, he has written over 65 books with 19 NY Times best-sellers. Wall Street Journal mentioned his book, 'The Soul of Leadership' as among the 5 best business books of 2011. His latest foray has been into gaming where his first video game, 'Leela' (meaning feat), is a groundbreaking concept that combines ancient relaxation and meditation techniques with technology to bring focus, energy and balance to your life.

Dr. Deepak Chopra comes, to enlighten us, to go beyond the boundaries we have set in defining creativity and innovation. Come hear him speak and take a boundless, quantum leap into ground-breaking dimensions of entrepreneurship, leadership and prosperity, at the BreakThrough Thinker's Keynote at this year's TiECon 2012 (May 18 - 19, 2012)

Posted by: Gargi Nalawade

Posted by TiEcon Team at May 14, 2012 9:52:34 PM

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Deepak Chopra 
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