TiEChat - What to expect in Social and Cloud sessions at TiEcon 2012?

The topic of TiEchat on Wednesday, 5/10 was "What to expect in #Social and #Cloud sessions at #TiEcon 2012?" with Manu Rekhi @Manu , VC, Inventus & Lak Ananth @lananth , Director, Corp Dev, #HP

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Here is the summary of last #TiEchat on 5/10:

Welcome to the #TiEchat about "What to expect in #Social and #Cloud sessions at #TiEcon 2012"
I am Shilpi Agarwal, marketing manager at TiE Silicon Valley. Host for today's #TiEchat is Anand Akela @aakela
It's my pleasure to welcome Manu Rekhi @Manu , VC, Inventus & Lak Ananth @lananth , Director, Corp Dev, #HP, to #TiEchat

Glad to be part of #TiEchat. I am excited about what we have lined up for @TiEcon this year

Q> What's the theme of #Social track in #TiEcon 2012? How did you go about deciding this sessions for #Social track?
I spent considerable time with my co-chair @gokulr to narrow down topics in #social. Gaming, commerce and opportunities in social

Q> I noticed a panel with @arjunsethi @willharbin @pparsons et al . Is Social Gaming still hot ?
The theme for the #social track @TiEcon is having engaging discussions around current and emerging trends around #socialat

Q> What can we expect in the social commerce panel w/ @setlinger @kip @marrc @joebot @MartyArmstrongDavid F @facebook
#social gaming is going through its next phase of maturation. Companies like #kixeye are bucking the trend and innovating

Q> What were the criterion for speakers in the #Social track?
We selected the best amongst entrepreneurs and VC's in the #social space to provide a diverse set of insights @TiEcon.

Q> Emerging Trends & Investment Opportunities panel @Rajil @joshelman looks interesting. Expecting more speakers?
We are saving the best for last in this panel. If you havent registered for @TiEcon you should.

Q> How did you decide the 3 panels in the #Cloud track ? Is there any theme ?
For the #Cloud track, we started with where cloud is today and show where the most exciting opportunities are
We then got the best possible speakers for the topics. For instance, we have the CIO of Verizon Business Services on CIO panel
We also have the EVP of Cloud from VMWare in the Opportunities panel in the #Cloud track

Q> What to expect in Emerging trends & investment opportunities w/ @raimjlen @shirishsathaye@trailsfootmarks @RMTacc ?
The consumerization panel in #Cloud addresses public cloud but more from the perspective of services, not infrastructure

Q> Are you focusing more on enterprise private cloud or public cloud in your panels ?
The CIO panel and Opportunities panel in #Cloud will address both private and public clouds, from infrastructure to SaaS

Q> What is covered in "Global CIO Forum" w/ @dsmoley & speakers from @Oracle @MorganStanley@BNYMellon @verizonbusiness
#Commerce panel will dive into what makes social commerce successful, case studies and rise of collaborative consumption.

Q> How did you decide on the Consumerization in the Enterprise panel compared w/ other potential cloud related topics?
Entrepreneurs we spoke to wanted to build businesses on the Consumerization trend, they decided for us

Manu @lananth Thanks for joining and answering questions in the #TiEChat. I am sure the audience will find it valuable

The CIO forum is about the "State of Cloud" in the real world. These CIOs spend real money, can't miss if you want to follow the $
Join us for #TiEcon 2012 on May 18,19 at Santa Clara Convention Center. Register today at tiecon.org
Thanks to @aakela and all the audience who asked questions and are interested in @TiEcon. . See you next friday at the conference
See #TiE50 2012 winners in #Cloud #Social #Energy #Mobile #LifeScience tie50.net/TiE50Awards/2012
#TiEchat is concluded now. Archive will be posted at tiecon.community.peersnet.com/Blog Thanks @Manu @lananth and everyone who participated !

Posted by TiEcon Team at May 14, 2012 11:41:12 PM
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